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*All proceeds go to The Loveland Foundation's Therapy Fund & Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network (RAINN)


MARROW: A Ceremonial Incense for the Veneration of Temple Spaces Within


As we harvested its ingredients from the inner chambers of fallen trees and the beneficent offerings of living trees, MARROW resoundingly spoke of innermost territories in need of reverence. In this ritually crafted incense are honey from nectared chambers, seeds within full-bodied fruit, symbiotic connectors, water from the salted sea—all hallowed spaces so often unseen that they are taken for granted. MARROW calls you to tend carefully to your landscapes concealed. This sweetening smoke is nutritive, cradling, and generous. But it is also watchful, for herein are sharp things as well. Burn to cull reflections, to do work upon the heart, and to integrate the deep wisdom within.


All proceeds from MARROW will be split evenly between two entities that labor to help heal inner spaces:

The Loveland Foundations’s Therapy Fund


Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network 



Pine Resin, Fatwood, and Heartwood, Spearmint, California Bay Laurel, and Pacific Ocean Water reverently harvested from Ohlone, Chochenyo, and Muwekma Territories / Bay Area, California 


Douglas Fir Sap and Needles, Hawthorn Berry and Thorn, Elderberry, and a homemade Fly Agaric Honey-Fir Cordial; all ingredients reverently harvested from Coast Salish and Muckleshoot Territory / Washington State. Also contains local Mead.


Limited Edition: 10 handmade balls of incense in a collectible tin.

$12 per tin / or $15 with 10 squares of natural charcoal.


Purchase here with our recommended charcoal or burn at home on your own charcoal. Each ball burns for approximately 10 minutes on the recommended charcoal; turn partway through the burn. Store in a cool, dark location. 


To light our charcoal: Using tongs, hold the charcoal over open flame (e.g., candle or gas range) until it begins to glow; turn and repeat. This will take up to one minute, as this charcoal is not self-igniting and contains no saltpeter so as not to interfere with the aromatic effects of the incense. Burn only on metal or glass.