PRINT EDITION—Volume II: Issue II—Winter Solstice MMXX

PRINT EDITION—Volume II: Issue II—Winter Solstice MMXX

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Ossuary Erotica

Volume II: Issue II


Stories by:

Heatherlie Allison and Patricia Cram


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Made by hand

Printed on 100% recycled paper

Dimensions: 5.25" x 5.25"

56 pages




By Hollow Hand

In our last issue, one of our stories introduced Hollow Hand, the severed remains of an ancient trickster and godhead. To our mirth and welcome, an anonymous author claimed to have found themselves subsequently possessed of Hollow Hand’s voice. The writing that followed is MANTEIA, a channeled collection of one hundred and eleven original fragments of vision offered by the spirit as penance and as omen for each of our readers. Each issue’s omen has been determined by chance.



In the Face of Love Undying

By Heatherlie Allison 

As the world around them falls to ruin, husband and wife discover rapture in death. 


“Despite the inevitable souring of the lovers’ sickness, these phantom images unrolled like the scroll of an old fortune, ice-frosted flowers blossoming. Together they sensed an invisible sweetness. A distant perfume.”



By Heatherlie Allison and Patricia Cram 

Through past-life regression sessions, a battered woman breaks karmic patterns.


“As I inhale, I swell, feel a rising of kin untangled—fins and tentacles, stalks and filaments, all open in welcome and waiting. As I exhale, I release all the tension built preceding this gathering—this convergence. Back and forth, we commune like this, mind-to-mind.”



By Patricia Cram

When a transient pair decides to cross a river, they strip away life as they know it. 

“Ever encircling—treading out there and snarling, the one who was here first and always. Birds from sky could fall, but not us, not us.”