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*All proceeds go to United Farm Workers.

*Enjoy 20% off I:II (Winter Solstice print issue) with purchase. Use coupon code PROCESSION at checkout. To add to cart:


PROCESSION: A Ceremonial Incense for Summoning Threshold-Dwellers & the Making of New Ways


Ritually handcrafted, this incense clarifies crossroads and sharpens inner blades. Made with flora and fauna from around the world, PROCESSION is both a daggered catalyst and a horn of plenty, an offering to ancestral gatekeepers of the spirit realm. Not only is it a petition for their action, it is a call to ours: open barriers, clear paths, and set strong intentions in this smoke and its matter. Wake your catalysts in this time of need. Prepare for the inevitable descent. Burn for clarity and energy, to fight deprivation with sustenance, or place unburned upon altars. This is spirit food.


We release PROCESSION as a catalyzing force for those who oppose the proliferation of egregious harm and dehumanizing greed. All proceeds will be donated to United Farm Workers, who are working to protect the health and dignity of those who put food on all tables through both pandemic and wildfire. We thank you.


Ingredients: Dragon’s Blood, Pine, Cypress, Rosemary, Juniper Berry, Frankincense, Cedarwood, Aloeswood, Damiana, Rue, Rose Petal & Thorn, Marigold, Ceylon Cinnamon, Clove, Cacao, Orange Peel, Apple, Raw Honey, Pomegranate Wine, and Essence of (Ethically Harvested) Beetle, Scorpion, Owl Rib Bone, and Shed Skin of Python


Limited Edition: 10 handmade balls of incense in a collectible tin.

$12 per tin / or $15 with 10 squares of natural charcoal.


Purchase here with our recommended charcoal or burn at home on your own charcoal. Each ball burns for approximately 10 minutes on the recommended charcoal; turn partway through the burn. Store in a cool, dark location. If your lungs have been processing wildfire, take care of yourself: burn outside or use as an offering without burning.


To light our charcoal: Using tongs, hold the charcoal over open flame (e.g., candle or gas range) until it begins to glow; turn and repeat. This will take up to one minute, as this charcoal is not self-igniting and contains no saltpeter so as not to interfere with the aromatic effects of the incense. Burn only on metal or glass.





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